Automatic Scrub Timer Controller Sensor

  • Digital Display

  • 4digit 7-segments 0.8" Red LED display and it display Timer Set Value and Document Time Value in Run mode.

  • KEYS


  • ON - Solenoid valve ON
    OFF - Solenoid Valve OFF
    -Increment Timer by 1 in setting mode
    SET - to Set Timer valve
    -Decrement Timer by 1 in setting mode


    At power On the timer will Display 1-00 (1 minute default value)
    To set New Time, press SET Key and the use UP and DOWN key to set desired timer value and press SET key.
    To run timer in Manual mode Press ON key
    To run timer in Manual Mode Press OFF key.
    In Auto mode when Sensor detect any obstruction , timer will e turn ON/OFF

    To increase sensitivity rotates POT on back side to the controller in counter clockwise.

    Display - 4digit RED LED 7 segment
    Keys - 5 Tactile switches, ON, OFF, UP, SET, and DOWN
    Power Supply - SMPS 90 to 260 VAC, 50HHZ Consumption 8W Max
    SENSOR - Optical Sensor with adjustable Range (2 to 9 inches)
    RELAY - 230V/5AMP
    Environmental 0-55Degree C and 5 to 85% RH non - condensing
    Storage temperature 0 to 70degree C