2 Bay scrub sink with Electric foot switch operated.

2 Bay scrub sink with Electric foot switch operated Surgical Scrub Station
  • Product Description:

  • CMP METAL Surgical Scrub Sinks With rack are constructed of 1.2 thicknesses, type 304 stainless steel with horizontal and vertical corners coved to " radius. Front corners are to be welded and all welds ground and polished to MAT finish.

    Sinks shall have sloping basin to eliminate back splash. Each station shall be equipped with 1.5" stainless steel drain. Outer enclosure is constructed of 18 gauge stainless steel and having removable stainless steel access front panels. Soap bottle shelf will be located behind panels when optional soap dispenser pump is specified or required by you.

    Automatic Surgical Scrub Sinks contain a digital timer to control water flow. The scrub cycle is activated by pressing the 1, 3, 5 or 10 minute cycle pad followed by the start button. Digital time is displayed in seconds as time elapses.

    Solenoid valve will open and allow tempered water to flow for selected cycle period. The digital timer also contains an "Abort" button to terminate the scrub cycle prematurely. We Make without Sensor raised Scrub Sink Also.

  • Features of 2 Bay scrub sink with Electric foot switch operated:-

    - Electric foot operated scrub sink. It is an advanced compact fully stainless steel scrub sink which offers two scrub stations.
    - Middle Elbow operated scrub sink 2 Side Foot Operated
    - Scrub sink is fabricated from type 304, 1. 2 mm stainless steel
    - The stainless steel sink is polished to a SS matt finish.
    - The scrub sink is polished to a SS matt finish. The scrub sink is fitted out with manual spouts (2 Nos)
      with foam flow attachments and beta dine dispensers (1 No).
    - The unit is designed to be installed on the base mounted scrub sink.
    - Compact design in A inner radius chamber
    - In case of: the scrub can be operated using the Electric foot switch.


    Different Sizes available:-

    1 Bay (600W X 1360H X 508D)
    2 Bays (1300W X 1360H X508D)
    3 Bays (1880W X 1360H X508D)
    4 Bays (2440W X 1360H X508D)